What are the dangers of antibiotics?

Antibiotics are just as dangerous a drug as cocaine and crystal meth, though not in the same way.  Antibiotics work by punching holes in the cell wall of the bacteria, stopping their protein synthesis, or disrupting some of the DNA reading within bacteria.  The problem is that antibiotics don’t just do this to “bad” bacteria, but also to good ones that we need in us. The bad ones are typically more difficult to kill so as the good ones die off, the bad ones begin to grow and lead to a condition many know as C-diff.  The condition is pseudomembranous colitis and it can lead to death if not treated soon enough and properly.

Please understand, I am not against antibiotics and I do write prescriptions for them, but after 25 years of practice I find that I am writing probably 80% less antibiotic prescriptions than I did when I first graduated from dental school because it just is not necessary most of the time!


Article written by Dr. Leon.

Cassiani LeonComment